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From possum control to birds and borer.
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Approved and qualified commercial pest control

If you need pests removed from your workplace, it’s worth getting a technician that knows what they are doing! We offer safe and effective control for all types of pests found in all types of commercial buildings including:

  • offices
  • supermarkets, dairies and retail stores
  • restaurants, cafes and bars
  • schools – preschool and daycare through to university
  • service stations

If your building has a pest problem, we can solve it!

Food safe pest control methods

Don’t compromise the safety of your customers and the reputation of your business! There are various methods of controlling pests in food prep and hospitality areas to ensure your workplace is clean and hygienic.

Effective pest control for all pests – from birds to borer

If your business requires an approved handler for your pest problem, you can fully rely on us!

By using the right chemicals and correct safe methods, we can get maximum effectiveness from the minimum amount of chemicals. This minimises the cost to you and also the effect on the environment.

Child safe pest control for schools

Our pest control methods are safe for all people within the building but we’re always extra careful when working in any areas with children.

For schools, kindergartens and daycare centres, all toys will be removed or covered and every precaution will be taken to keep your kids safe!

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Extermination for homes, flats and residential areas in Palmerston North and
Extermination for homes, flats and residential areas in Palmerston North and Manawatu
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